Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm a Blogger !

Since MCOM 72 started, I have learned so much and I feel as if I have made a few steps in the right directions. To be honest, I had heard about blogs but didn't know much about them and had never tried it. The thought of having a blog scared me in the beginning. Until then I hadn't used the internet for anything as advanced as a blog. Once I got mine set up and became comfortable, it began to grow on me. Because of my blog I felt as if I have become more aware of the media around me. When I hear something interesting on the radio or TV or I notice a great ad, I instantly think about my blog. Blogging has helped me to become more technically savvy and enjoy expressing my opinions about society and discussing them with others. I have learned that blogging can create a network that makes valuable information and input available to me. Not only has it been fun for me but it has enabled me to keep up with, an increase my writing skills.

I have enjoyed the entire experience. I have told my friends and family about my blog and they have been able to see some of the things I have been learning in school and have even created some of their own blogs. Now that I have become a part of the blogging world I am more aware of other people that have blogs. I have begun to read Dooce's Blog on occassion, I find her writing to be hilarious and entertaining and I admire her for how far she has come with her blog.

I was thinking about keeping my blog after the class is over. I might begin to change the content a bit since I will not have to focus simply on media. Although the topic of media and society has been a great one. I have always been the type of person that loves discussing current social issues and politics. My blog has forced me to do more research and become more involved in topics that I am already interested in. Blogging has created a more media-friendly,socially-aware consumer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

JC Penney...I Never Knew!

Recently I had to work with a group in my advertising class and come up with an entire advertising campaign. Overall I really enjoyed the experience. It was very interesting to see the group dynamics and surprising how difficult it really was to come up with a great idea. In the end I'm pretty sure we created a DAMN GOOD presentation. It seems that once the creative idea had a foundation the rest seemed to form quickly.

I never realized how much work it is to create a campaign like this. The client that we were competing for was JC Penney. When I first saw that we had
JC Penney I thought, " can we make such a terrible old store look good!" I thought that it would be close to impossible. As time went on we began to brainstorm ideas...we changed our minds many times, we even had the entire campaign done then changed our minds and started all over from step one. This was extremely frustrating yet in the end I'm glad we did it.

I have never spent so much time on a project. My group met twice a week for three hours each time...we went back and forth with ideas and there were days when we had trouble coming up with anything at all. Then, FINALLY, it came to us. When it happen we all knew it. At that moment everything became easy and fun...Ideas began to flow rapidly. When we finally completed the presentation we knew it was good..we could not stop smiling and had to have one more quick meeting after class just to express our excitement that it was over and we did well. WOW what an accomplishment. This really gave me a taste of what my career will be like..It was right up my alley...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cookies and Cream

Today as I was driving to school I heard on the radio about the new billboards that will be coming up in San Francisco. The billboards will be GOT MILK? ADs that will be scented like fresh baked cookies. When you are standing anywhere near the billboard you will be able to smell the cookies. In my opinion this is a strange but fabulous idea. These will be the first scented billboards in the history of advertising.

Think about it...your walking down the sidewalk and you begin to smell the mouthwatering scent of warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Immediately when you think of cookies what comes next??? MILK. Even the slightest smell of cookies would make me want a glass of milk. It is absolutely brilliant.

The point of advertising is to target the senses. These billboards will do exactly that. This is the first time that large scale advertising such as billboards has targeted the sense of smell. Not only is it targeting your senses but also your sub-conscious. It is a well known fact that cookies go with milk and it is almost a difficult task to consume a plate of cookies with out a tall glass of milk. The GOT MILK ADs have always been very entertaining but this idea has definitely surpassed the rest.

After thinking about this concept for a while I began to question some of the technical stuff. How could they possibly come up with a scent that is strong enough to last and smells enough like cookies so that it is recognizable? Will enough people notice it? On the radio I heard a San Francisco local quote: "great! Now Market Street will smell like cookies and Bums"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Battle of Playstation

I honestly can not believe this huge issue with the new playstation that was recently released. Since when has a video game machine been such a big deal? Not only are people buying these things for over $5,000 but they are camping out, fighting and mugging women for them. This is sickening to me that people have fallen to the animal like level of hurting people for merchandise. I have been watching the continuous stories online about people being hospitalized because they were trampled down while standing in line for the new playstation. Have people ultimately lost their minds???.....There souls??

This brings me to the observation of our "American" society as a whole. Why are such things like this more important to us than issues like world hunger or voting for instance. You definitely don't see lines like that at the voting poles. People don't trample each other in order to donate food to the poor. This society has become so self-centered and materialistic that it simply makes me sick to my stomach. Get a grip people...It's a F*ckin playstation...Can we all take a breath and get over it!!! What is that makes people feel they just CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT this machine. How much different is it from the three other dusty one's they have sitting at home? Have we forgotten that it is the Christmas season? The one time a year that we are expected to be kind, warm hearted and generous.

The other thing that gets me pondering is, why in the hell was this thing released right before Christmas? Besides the obvious reasons that the company wants to make millions due to the fact the every living child will want one under the tree. They had to know that the release of the new playstation before Christmas would cause a catastrophe like this. Lets think back to the Tickle me Elmo War. Do they enjoy watching people practically kill each other over their new product? When does humanity ever exceed money? As the years go on it seems to be less and less.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Over Sea Sites

I found it very entertaining watching everyone show the foreign web sites that they found. It was very interesting to see what is popular in other countries. The web site from Scotland was great. I loved how it had a link for "Bagpipe Ring Tones." Where else could you possibly find something like that. The foreign websites brought up the idea of culture and how different it is around the world. The websites gave details about the different countries that gave us a peek into what is important to them and what they enjoy doing. It also made me think about just how vast the web is. The internet is a medium that everyone in the world can have access to if they have a computer.

When I'm on the internet I feel as if I don't explore as much as I should. I tend to stick to my homepage, where my mail box is located, google and my blog. After seeing all those web sites from other countries it made me realize how much learning can be done in the internet. There are so many places on the internet to visit that it creates a new meaning to the word "travel". Of course there is no way to experience a country like you would if you stepped foot there but the internet allows us to get a taste of what it's like there. This class exercise influenced me to explore more. I want to experience more places on the internet. I've realized that I can have a lot of fun and learn a lot if I get to know the web better.

Almost Appealing Spam Comments

Just yesterday I received two comments on one of my posts. Both comments were identical and were signed anonymous. The comment implied that they liked my blog and if I clicked on the link below I could find a website that would pay me. The person told me that they had been blogging for this company part time and is making more than $800 a month of extra cash. At first I wanted to click on the link just to see what it was all about. Honestly who wouldn't want to be paid a little cash for doing their homework?? But then I remembered our discussion in class about spam comments. I'm pretty sure this is spam. I have not deleted the comments but I most likely will, very soon. I think this person may has found me because I linked to Docce's blog. I created a post about Dooce and the advertising on her blog. I'm thinking maybe this is why I got these comments. I also googled my name and found my own blog. In a way I think this is pretty awesome. Not only did someone find my blog online but left me a compliment. Spam comment or not, it was a little flattering.

Although I can imagine how annoying this would be if I were as popular as Dooce. I wonder if there is such thing as spam blockers for Blogs. I would think that Dooce would need something like this. It seems like such a crazy concept how people find any type of outlet to advertise. How this company found me I have no clue but if they are advertising to a blog that is as small as mine I can imagine how many people they have reached on the vast realm of the web. It's amazing how someone has taken the time to create an ad that looks like a friendly blog comment. I guess overall it is simply another medium for advertising.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

You Do it Dooce!!

I was very surprised when learning about the hate mail that Dooce gets from her readers simply because of the paid advertising that she has on her blog. In my opinion this is a great opportunity for her and it sounds like maybe her readers have a tad bit of jealousy. I'm sure that many of her readers if not all of them, have there own blogs. What it comes down to it, their blogs just aren't good enough for advertisers to want to buy space on their page. So they criticize Dooce simply because she is good enough. Now I understand that in the blog world it is a way of selling out when you accept money for advertisements on your page. Dooce has created a masterpiece. A product that many people enjoy and it has consumed much of her time much like a career. In this sense why shouldn't she be making a living off of it. It is not like she's charging her readers for the content she is simply making a profit to pay for her time and creativity much like any other profession. If my blog was popular enough to attract the attention of the advertisers I would be ultimately flattered. I would hope that my readers would want to encourage and congratulate me.

Now on the contrary I must look at the viewpoint from the other side of the spectrum. I can understand why her readers may feel a little annoyed by her decision to take part in the advertising world; Only because they fear that her content will change to be compatible with the advertisers. In one way of looking at it she is working for them now and they can put her income on the line. I know she promised to her readers that this would not happen but when considering that this money is putting food on the table she may think twice about it. She will not be concerned about loyalty to her readers when it comes down to financial survival.

I must say...she's does a fabulous job and is a wonderful writer. She deserves to get something back for the creative entertainment that she offers free to the public. There is nothing wrong with being paid for something you really is too bad we all can't do it. Lets not criticize the people who can.

Learning that Reality TV isn't really "real"

This Saturday I was lounging around the house flipping through channels and for some reason, decided to watch E Television. This is a channel that mainly focuses on the dramatic lives of celebrities and athletes. I'm not usually the type of person that really cares about the lives of the stars but the particular show that was on E caught my attention. The show was talking about reality shows and what happens behind the scenes. They revealed secrets about Survivor and interviewed characters from the Real World. The stars from these shows talked about how being followed by a camera isn't as easy as it looks. The producers expect you to look a certain way, talk about certain things and do anything you can to increase the drama. Many of the shows seemed to be rigged. If a character did not have the right personality to attract viewers then coincidentally they would be eliminated that week. Much of the drama is aired is staged.It may have happened for real but must be replayed so that it looks right on the camera.

The show also talked about how the contestants are chosen. Some of the directors from the show Real World explained that they choose to put people together that will intentionally have conflict. For example an old fashion, homo-phobic, country boy and a flamboyant black gay man will be assigned to be roommates. The directors want to create a situation where they know dramatic entertainment will be made naturally.

I personally find reality TV very entertaining. Part of the reason it is so entertaining is because it feels as if you are watching a live version of someone's life. Reality TV catches every embarrassing moment and this is what people like about it. After watching this program about the severe editing and staging of reality TV I began to feel that from that day on, reality TV may not be as entertaining. It becomes much like any other sitcom, that involves acting, censoring and editing. They are no where close to real.

I then began to think about the reality TV show that Kelly, Lou Lou, and Anna filmed in Detroit. I’m glad I got to see the behind the scenes pictures because when the show airs I will be able to detect what kind of editing really went on. I'm very excited to see the show. It will be interesting to see how the directors and producers put everything together. From what Lilly said in class it seems that our students could very well possibly be the main attractions due to their TV friendly personalities.

It is amazing to me how popular reality TV is when the fact is; it can be very far from reality.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Looks Like They Had Fun!

Wow!! I'm really glad that we got to see thie pictures from Detroit. It really seems like Lou Lou, Anna and Kelley had a wonderful learning experience and had a great time. I actually learned a lot just from looking at the pictures. It really is awesome to see how it all works in the advertising business. I never knew what a war room looks like or how big theses advertising corporations really are. It was cool to see them through the eyes of the winnning SJSU students. I can't wait to hear of they won or not. I think the picture slide show of the trip gave all the AD students a view into what they want to be doing in the future and look into the "real world". Kelley, Lou Lou and Anna if you ever happen by my blog...GREAT JOB!!! we are all here to support you and we are all learning from your experiences.